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The G-Life is about discovering the greatest version of You,  seizing opportunity, and living an extraordinary life!

If you're looking for inspiration, direction, or introspection, you've come to the right place. It's not by chance or happenstance that you're here. 

Everything happens for a reason. 

Give yourself permission to live life to its fullest.

Give yourself permission to live with Greatness.

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About Gary


Gary Westfal is the President of G-Life Enterprises Corp. He is an entrepreneur, life coach, best-selling author, and motivator who lives his personal dreams and inspires others on ways they can do the same. He teaches people the art and philosophy of achievement by waking them up from the inside. He shows them how to overcome self-imposed limitations and to live life defined by their terms. 

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Books, Blogs, & Videos


Gary burst onto the world stage when his first, critically-acclaimed novel, Dream Operative, achieved an Amazon #1 Best Seller ranking in the thriller genre in its first year of publication—a phenomenal feat for a first-time novelist. His blog, Introspection offers a fresh perspective on personal empowerment and a wide range of human interest and self-awareness topics that reminds his readers of their true potential through the power of insight and personal awareness. 

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Gary Westfal, Best-selling author, 333, dream operative, key horizon, fear, insight, inspiration,

 Gary's writing has been consistently compared to seasoned thriller writers like Brad Thor, Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, and Joseph Finder. 

Gary is a freelance syndicated writer, speaker, and life coach who inspires through several mediums. 

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Coaching & Mentoring

Speech to Boys and Girls Club of America

Gary is passionate about personal achievement and is leading a movement in which he reveals how we can all live an empowered life through change and personal awareness. He offers a fresh new approach to personal coaching and mentoring and has helped hundreds overcome personal challenges that bring about profound personal growth.  


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Gary's images captivate the imagination and evoke emotions that resonate with a wide audience around the world. His art has appeared in such places as the halls of the Chicago Police Department, foreign embassies, obscure combat bunkers, Arabian palaces, and the walls of family and friends. His images convey an unmistakable connection he has with the human spirit and each piece projects the depth of his passion in the free-form expression of this medium.  

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