Gary Westfal books

Dream Operative


An Amazon #1 Best-Seller!

A self-proclaimed spy novel with a sci-fi twist, Dream Operative will keep you turning the pages in this fast-moving, action-packed thriller! 

  Critically reviewed by Writer’s Digest as...

 “A fun, fast read with a great deal of suspense, action, and a thrilling climax.”

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Also available in Audiobook.

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Key Horizon


Key Horizon is one of those books that will renew your belief in the power of human compassion and the resolve to overcome obstacles to achieve limitless possibilities. Escape on an another exciting journey into a realm rich in characterization, suspense, strong dialogue and the deep, dark world of clandestine operations as you venture into the next dimension, and the next episode, of human cognition and political maneuvering.

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Fear Is a Thief


Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, Gary Westfal is leading a movement to build an awareness in which we can live a life beyond the bounds of fear. Whatever your fear, this book is your opportunity to courageously move past it to a life you define. You can live life beyond fear. Learn how…inside the pages of

 Fear is a Thief.   

Also available in Audiobook.

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333 The Power of Equilibrium


333 is a book about balance, awareness, and introspect. Written by 3 authors in 3 sections with 3 chapters each, this book will deliver insightful change to the forefront of your life through the individual and collective lenses of the authors—each an authority in their field of focus and wise in the application of the principles of achievement and personal enrichment. Theirs is a message that will enable you to see things from a position of power, serving to remind us that we all have the ability to be, do, and experience everything life has to offer.


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