Speaking Testimonials




"Gary is exceptional at engaging the audience. He is a gifted story teller, training coach, and inspiring speaker. This rare combination of skills is a pleasure to see in action. He has a positive attitude that shows in his genuine desire to support people and organizations to constantly strive to be better.”

~ Mike VanDyke, President, Association for Talent Development

The Right Mindset


“Gary Westfal has the right experience, mindset, and charisma to communicate inspiring messages of innovation, trusting intuition, and welcoming change. He has a natural talent for connecting with his audience and deftly challenges them to look within for answers leading to positive and enduring transformation.” 

~ Steve Butler, Director, Doolittle Institute



"Gary isn’t just a life-changing, eye opening speaker, he’s also a successful entrepreneur, an artist, an author, a strong community partner, and the kind of speaker that makes you really think about how you can positively change your life and the lives of those around you."

 ~ Ivana Coteat, Managing Director, Hilton Hotels


Seeking change in your life? Your conditions are a TEMPORARY state of mind. You are NOT defined by circumstance. You have the power to chart your own course. The solution is as simple as ASKING for it.